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Spittlebug Facts

Spittlebugs are one of the main spreaders for the Xylella Fastidiosa bacteria. Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about the Spittlebugs.

historical Olive tree in Puglia

Olive trees have become a part of Puglia's identity through its long and colorful history. Despite the environmental challenges the region faces today, if we look back, we see glimmers hope. Nature is always healing itself and regenerating.

buy the right olive oil

Olive oil has proven to be one of the healthiest fats that one can consume in a balanced diet. But not all oils are made equal.


From the time humans started farming, combating invasive weeds and insects has been a vital chore to producing a good yield. Pesticides are used abundantly in developed countries. What are their effects on your health?

Mediterranean diet

There have been hundreds of studies that prove that consuming a Mediterranean diet has many health benefits. The diet has shown to improve heart health, cognitive ability, aging, and weight loss. It's also proved to help reduce the risk of some major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimers and cardiovascular diseases.

Where has Xylella been found

The Xylella Fastidiosa Bacteria is believed to have originated in the Americas. Today the Xylella Fastidiosa Bacteria's presence has been confirmed in 16 countries worldwide.

Chiome shoot

Chiome is a creative project developed in Puglia that comments on our human connection with the land. Proceeds from the events and design book will go toward combating desertification.

Olives at the market

Olives are packed with nutrients. They have been consumed by humans for thousands of years and are a vital component in the Mediterranean diet.

Telerama OTP

The Olive Tree Project along with a panel of other specialists were invited to discuss on local Apulian TV program ControVento on Telerama, the ongoing environmental catastrophe in the South of Italy.

Industrial agriculture

Industrialized agriculture seeks to maximize the land to generate the highest possible profit and to feed as many people as possible. But one must ask, what is its cost on the environment, the animal kingdom and our own health? Are these methods sustainable enough to carry our society into the future?

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