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The Puglia Initiative

Combatting desertification in southern Italy

dead olive trees

Olive trees in Puglia have been devastated by a Xylella bacteria and is putting the region at serious risk of desertification. 22 million of the 60 million olive trees have been infected since 2013. No cure has been found as it continues to spread northwards. This not only impacts the environment, but also local communities.

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We believe it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and each other.

Desertification is a global issue which affects 250 million people and is predicted to displace another 135 million by 2045. What impact does it have on us and how do we combat it?

As sustainability becomes more on trend and consumers increasingly want to promote ethical companies, greenwashing is becoming more common. What is it and how is different from green marketing?

Trees are vital to sustain life on earth and are an integral part of Earth’s ecosystem. Why is it important to protect our forests and plant new trees? 


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