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healthy olive oil

Olive oil may one of the healthiest fats that you can find. There have been hundreds of studies that continue to prove how beneficial it can be when included in your diet.

Oldest olive oil bottle

A glass bottle almost full with ancient olive oil was discovered in a Roman town called Herculaneum, near modern Naples. It was found in a 2,000 year old bottle that dates back to 79 A.D. 

xylella olive tree

The Xylella Bacteria has been causing a lot of damage to the environment and communities around the world. Here are some quick facts about what is bacteria is and how its spread.

olive oil production

Italy’s 2020 olive oil production is down 26% from the previous year’s annual production. The major drop in olive oil production is concentrated in Puglia, the region which accounts for almost half of the Italian olive oil. 

Greek myth olive trees

According to Greek mythology the first olive tree was a result of an epic battle between Athena and Poseidon.

XF in Europe

The Xylella Fastidiosa bacteria is not just an Italian problem. Please check out the infographic below to see the affected countries and plants in Europe as of January of 2021.

World olive day

In 2019 UNESCO declared November 26 to be World Olive Day.

olive branch

Olive trees have such a rich history and a lot of culture importance to people around the world. Its oil is the single most globally consumed product that is so closely linked to the Mediterranean.

Dior in Puglia

Dior’s 2021 Cruise Collection was sparked by the essence of Puglia. The collection and the live streamed runway show were a demonstration of tradition, embedded with folklore, craftsman ship and beauty. 

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