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amazon-rainforest deforestazione

Despite recent pledges to protect our forests, the deforestation rate of the Amazon Rainforest has hit record highs in 2020-2021.

agrobiodiversity Agrobiodiversità

Agrobiodiversity looks at the variety in our food systems. How does agricultural biodiversity impact you, your family and your community?

Reasons to eat seasonally stagione

As we become more conscious of how our daily decisions impact the environment, we also need to look at our eating habits. Does it make sense that food needs to travel across the planet to make it to your plate? How does eating with the seasons impact you and the environment?

Sustainability trend 2022 tendenze

Sustainable living is progressively becoming more mainstream. What can we expect to see more of from businesses and people who are becoming more environmentally aware?


Desertification is a global issue which affects 250 million people and is predicted to displace another 135 million by 2045. What impact does it have on us and how do we combat it?

2020 agri performance

Looking at the economic and resource performances of the EU’s agricultural industry.

The Xylella Fastidiosa bacteria prevents the host plant from absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. Once infected the plant tissues that transport hydration and minerals to the leaves, stop working. This causes the plant to dry out and die. 

tree benefits

Trees are vital to sustain life on earth and are an integral part of Earth’s ecosystem. Why is it important to protect our forests and plant new trees? 

EU Comission plan to plant 3 billion trees

A plan to plant 3 billion trees by 2030 to combat climate change and biodiversity loss has been announced by the European Commission.

As sustainability becomes more on trend and consumers increasingly want to promote ethical companies, greenwashing is becoming more common. What is it and how is different from green marketing?

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